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If you are looking for a female perspective from a seasoned therapist, I might be the one for you!

My decision to focus on the issues of men stems from a few sources.  Firstly, I grew up in an all boy neighborhood.  Because the guys allowed me entrance into the "Boys Only" club, I was expected to carry my weight and protect myself.  It didn't matter that I was far younger than them.  Just like them, I endured bullying and physical fights (I didn't initiate them).  


I competed with them in football (wide receiver), basketball and baseball  (left fielder) pick-up games. While I played in school sports from fourth grade through college, our paths forked somewhere along the way. I began running with my girl tribe, chased boys, wore make-up, and took classes in ballet.

Secondly, my therapeutic style seems to draw more male clients.  While I am warm and compassionate, I  can also be strategic, goal oriented and solution focused.  Thirdly, I attend conferences on men's issues.  Eight of my ten clinical supervisors were male. They taught me about perspectives of men, in general.  I seek out books and resources to further educate myself about this specialty.

My father is an amazing, loving, compassionate, emotionally strong, generous, fun and hilarious man.  So, I know what a healthy guy looks like.


I assist men in various ways their tides may turn, including:

  1. Changing and confusing roles of men today

  2. Anger Management

  3. Job Frustrations

  4. Relationship Problems (because you can only control half of these interactions, right?)

  5. Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss

  6. What are Women (in general, of course)Thinking/Feeling These Days?


As a side note, I value authenticity over any words or perceptions you use to communicate.  

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