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Do you need counseling?

Let's face it, much of life is confusing and highly complex at times.  One needs not to be suicidal or "having a nervous breakdown" (which means different things to different people), to seek out therapy.  I do help people in crisis.  However, you may choose to seek counseling if you think or say any version of the following things:

Will I ever be good enough for my mother/father?

Why do I keep choosing the same kinds of men to date?

I am SO lonely.

How will I get past the death of my dog?

Why do I even try anymore?

What can I do about his drinking problem?

I can barely drag myself out of bed to go to this horrible job.

Can people tell that I am having panic attacks?

Can I care give to my father with Alzheimer's when he lives in New Jersey and I live here?

Will I ever make my wife happy?

I am being stereotyped at work because of my race.

I DO NOT have an anger problem!

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