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The most frequent statement I hear as a therapist is, "I feel weak for coming to you for help; I solve all my problems by myself."  Au contraire!  It takes Bravery to speak of your wishes, disappointments, concerns, and needs to a person you just met.  Anyone would feel uncomfortable or somewhat anxious about meeting a counselor for the first time.  That is why my main priority as a therapist is to create a warm, nonjudgmental, and welcoming environment for you.  Part of my style involves a healthy sense of humor at appropriate times.  I often hear from clients that "you are easy to talk to; you are down-to-earth." Perhaps it is time to swim in a different depth of water.

And just as a FYI...all of my years of experience continue to verify that the people who go to therapy are the most mentally healthy people on the planet.  Why?  We all have issues and some areas of our lives that can be improved.  The people who go to therapy actually acknowledge these things and address them so they can be healthier people.  


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